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I Love to Read Music!

I LOVE to Read Music!™ is a complete method for strings students to learn to read music and to sight read -superbly.

Some music educators won’t even consider the “hear-play” methods of teaching music (Suzuki, Mother Tongue, etc.) because many students trained this way don’t learn to read music as well as their traditional-method counterparts.  The critics sit impatiently through a beautiful performance and can hardly wait to say, with raised eyebrows, of course, “Yes, yes, but can he read music?”

It is a problem. Suzuki students generally play expressively, accurately, and with gorgeous tone, but because they memorize every piece, they seldom get enough practice in reading “what’s on the page.”  Playing in ensembles becomes almost impossible as students grow up, so they often feel a lack of self-confidence in orchestra situations. Poor reading teens tend to shy away from playing in ensembles or even before, especially when they don’t want to depend on a parent practice coach anymore to decipher the notes and rhythms.

Even traditional music students often can’t read music as well as they can play it. When they face some of the more difficult repertoire, they sometimes get discouraged, not being able to figure out the complex rhythms and notes.

In I LOVE to Read Music!, master Suzuki teacher Denise Willey has designed a music reading and sight-reading method to be used alongside the Suzuki (“Mother Tongue”) as well as other more traditional methods. While students are learning to play in tune and with fine tone and musicality using the hear-play repertoire and technique, they are at the same time receiving effective instruction (taking only minutes a day) to develop excellent music reading and sight reading skills—with the added bonus of developing such a fine ear that most of them are thought to have perfect pitch!

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